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A word (or three) about Twitter

Something came up recently that caused me to think about my whole Twitter strategy and focus. I think it’s important to be purposeful about the social media tools we use, and being purposeful is a good excuse for reflection, analysis, … Continue reading

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ATTW 2011

Last week, I attended ATTW 2011–the conference for the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. It was in Atlanta this year. This was the first year I attended. Here’s what Atlanta looks like when you arrive on a late-morning flight … Continue reading

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Social media in nonprofits and politics

Here’s a link to a podcast I did last summer (2010) in ENG 572 Social Media taught by Professor Gretchen Perbix . I’m posting this because I think it’s notable how things have changed in social media in just one … Continue reading

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Thesis references

I managed thesis references separately while writing the main body of my thesis. I kept references in a separate blank document where I used reference tools to sort and store references. As I used references in my writing, I cited … Continue reading

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Next on the chopping block: Introduction

Introduction. You should not be 19 pages long. That is heresy. But first, random picture. I’m going to work from the purpose statement chapter of Creswell. I’ll develop my ideas as background ideas and umbrella thoughts. Then, I’ll organize my … Continue reading

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Editing my METHODS section

I’m editing my Methods section today. This will probably be a very boring post unless you’re interested in the constant comparative method. Probably no pictures, either. Okay, so let’s get to it. This is a typical editing scenario for me. … Continue reading

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Thesis thoughts

Okay, so the thesis is done. And, to take a break from writing, I think I’ll write. In fact, I’ll write about writing. That makes sense in the recursive world of recursiveness. I think my laptop is on its last … Continue reading

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