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Barton & Smith, 2015

Advancing High-Quality Preschool: A Discussion and Recommendations for the Field The crux of this article (in the context of 8304) is its recommendation to use an Implementation Science Framework to increase inclusion of pre-school students with disabilities in classrooms with … Continue reading

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Fixsen, Blase, Metz, Van Dyke (2013)

Statewide Implementation of Evidence-based Practices This article presents a reality, which all researchers, practitioners, and policy-makes must confront: evidence-based practices are only as successful (from an outcome perspective) and their implementation and acceptance into the micro-culture of a place of … Continue reading

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Goldstein, 2014

This article describes an evaluation approach that can be used on both group and single-case research designs (SSED). The approach evaluates types of treatments, research designs, quality of studies and effect sizes. The study follows the graphical presentation of products … Continue reading

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Barton, 2015

This article is an example of a literature review of SPED articles. The purpose of this review was to examine studies about sensory treatments for students with disabilities. Outcomes from studies about sensory treatments suggest varying levels of evidence for … Continue reading

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Gersten, 2005

Gersten, R., Fuchs, L. S., Compton, D., Coyne, M., Greenwood, C., & Innocenti, M. S. (2005). Quality indicators for group experimental and quasi-experimental research in special education. Exceptional children, 71(2), 149-164. This article presents quality indicators for group experimental research. … Continue reading

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Brantlinger, 2005

Brantlinger, E., Jimenez, R., Klingner, J., Pugach, M., & Richardson, V. (2005). Qualitative studies in special education. Exceptional children, 71(2), 195-207. This article defines qualitative studies in SPED, clarifies the goals, suggests techniques for establishing and maintaining credibility in the … Continue reading

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You should do it, too. It makes ya feel all happy inside (Practical Magic and At the Water’s Edge). This is my “between semesters” reading pile. Yes, I plan to actually READ Rececca this time, not simply keep her on … Continue reading

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