Congressional Caucus on e-Learning

Last week, I represented my workplace at the Congressional Caucus on e-Learning. It was the inaugural meeting, and mostly an information-gathering session. Because we study e-Learning (aka distance education) back at the office all day long, it wasn’t entirely new to me.

The Caucus is a bipartisan effort to find out more about e-Learning, so that effective legislation supporting it may eventually be proposed. The Representatives leading the caucus are Jarad Polis (D-CO) and Kristi Noem (R-SD).

After the introduction and general information, a panel of e-Learning administrators each shared their unique e-Learning perspective–K-12, higher ed, rural learners, for-profit, and state schools. I found this interesting, so I wrote down everything they said (I can compare them later).

I met Scott Groginsky, the LA for the Jarad Polis (D-CO) after the meeting. It’s pretty out of my comfort zone to go up to someone and just introduce myself, but I guess that is what one does at these things. Mr. Groginsky was very kind and welcoming. I like him.

It was a great meeting except I wore pinchy shoes and got pen on my blouse.

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