How Big is the Manual?


Two weeks ago, ENG 271W learned about writing usable instructions. We analyzed this manual for usability. Because it’s an online class, I needed a way to demonstrate the size of the manual. Size and design of a document or manual contributes to the usability valuation (in that it either subtracts from or adds to usability). So, I showed these pictures:

Compared to a LEGO Star Wars action figure, the manual is theeeeeeeeeeeees beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg!

And if you live under a rock and don’t know how big a LEGO action figure is, the manual is about the height of a pink crayon (Crayola. slightly used).

Students were mildly amused.

Mildly amused is a huge win. Students relaxed and were able to respond and engage with the material. It was a successful lecture.

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