Moby Dick

I probably don't need to tell you, but this is *not* Moby Dick

I usually review fiction books on Goodreads, but I want to review Moby Dick as I read it, and I’m not sure Goodreads is the best place for that because it associates only one review with each book.

The mister and I are reading Moby Dick together in our fake book club. It’s fake because we don’t have deadlines or meetings. We just pick a book, and we both read it. Or, more likely, *I* read a book, love it, recommend it, and then he reads it. We don’t usually have  formal discussions about the books, but it’s fun when we have a common connection through books. For example, I can talk about a big bug in the laundry room and say, “there’s a big old Underland spinner in there (see Gregor the Overlander), so look out.” I think we’re just too busy to set aside time for a formal discussion, but if we’ve got 20 minutes to ourselves (never), we might talk about how a book we both read relates to real life or to our own hopes and dreams or whatnot. So, books are a good connection for us, and who needs the extra pressure of deadlines and meetings, right?

So, besides books, the mister and I enjoy science fiction in any form–movies, books, games, le tube of life, etc. We’re not obsessed to the point where we’re seeking out sci-fi themed hotel rooms , but we do enjoy a little space_travel/rocket_ship/little_green_men. Doesn’t everyone?

The journey is a common theme in the sci-fi genre. It’s certainly not the only theme. There are futuristic societies (Martian Chronicles, Hunger Games, Year of the Flood), government intrigue (Zoe’s Tale), giant bugs, of course (the Overlander series), and don’t forget mutants (Shipbreaker) and many, many other common elements. But journeys, epic adventures, and the pioneering spirit themes really speak to me right now because we’re fully in this big life journey–we’re in it to win it, fully engaged, and there is really no way out (also, no do-overs), so we might as well be all self-conscious about it. If nothing else, it helps to know nothing is getting past us.

So yeah, Moby Dick–a classic book about an epic journey commonly referenced in a wide variety of sci-fi fiction. If you read it, you can understand the secret sci-fi back-stories. You can get a Kindle copy for free at Amazon. Read it with me! It’s funny (I promise!).

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