A word (or three) about Twitter

Something came up recently that caused me to think about my whole Twitter strategy and focus. I think it’s important to be purposeful about the social media tools we use, and being purposeful is a good excuse for reflection, analysis, and critique. With that said, I’ll jump right into a clarification of what interests me on Twitter, and what I intend to bring to the Twitter table.

What and whom do I find interesting on Twitter:

  • All things academic including academics of all stripes
  • Academic journals pertaining to writing, rhetoric, communication, and political communication
  • Journalism and news, but particularly journalists and communicators who tweet about food/ag policy, government nutrition programs, and economic policy
  • Political views of all stripes, but particularly those who are able to see humor and irony in politics. I’m not big on the echo chamber philosophy, and I think hearing intelligence from a broad political field helps me be a better citizen
  • Information about technical editing and how language works in communities
  • Information about writing fiction and the writing process in general from fiction writers  and people who are smart enough to know about this stuff (and kind enough to share it with others)
  • Cultural commentary–especially the silly, wry, unusual, moving, inspirational, fascinating and/or bizarre
  • People I actually know in real life and find interesting
  • I also have “Twitter Friends,” people with whom I have conversed on Twitter

What I bring to the Twitter table (things I am likely to tweet about):

  • Musings on writing, academia, technical editing, living in DC, my home state of MN, cats, food & drink
  • Interesting or mildly amusing things I find on los interwebs: links to interesting stories or stuff about any of the above
  • Domestic policy (but probably not political parties or ideologies)
  • Public art, museums, and libraries
  • Weather (it’s a MN thing…we always talk about the weather)
  • Disclaimer: I will probably bash Fox News every now and then (but only when they really deserve it)

I use Twitter as a stream of interesting and informative entertainment. If I’m following you, it’s because you are enriching my internet experience in some way. You’re either a friend, or you tweet interesting stuff. I don’t have a need to 100% agree with everything anyone ever says in order to follow them on Twitter. This is my in-real-life philosophy as well.

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