ATTW 2011

Last week, I attended ATTW 2011–the conference for the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. It was in Atlanta this year. This was the first year I attended.

Here’s what Atlanta looks like when you arrive on a late-morning flight and spend the afternoon working on your panel presentation. The presentation is already written, of course, but I like to take some time to play with the exact wording because I’m weird like that. I’m not an off-the-cuff speaker. But, I’m a member of Toastmasters, and they are helping me get better at it.

So sunny!

I have to say, the hotel room was very peaceful. No phone, no snacks, no kids talking constantly, and I was too cheap to purchase the internet connection, so I had only my “vintage” iPhone to keep me updated with email and my twitter feed.

And, here is what Atlanta looks like when you’re neurotic like me and get up at 4 am to practice your panel presentation. I set three alarms, yes I did.

Crazy, I know. But, I just wanted to do a good job

And, my delightful thesis advisor, Gretchen Perbix, took me out for chicken and waffles for lunch. Very good waffles and great conversation.

Everybody loves waffles!

Attending the conference was a hugely transformative experience, but I’ll post more about that later.

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