Social media in nonprofits and politics

Here’s a link to a podcast I did last summer (2010) in ENG 572 Social Media taught by Professor Gretchen Perbix . I’m posting this because I think it’s notable how things have changed in social media in just one year.

The most obvious example is in global political news and the way news is pushed at us through content choices we make. Although we cannot attribute a revolution (Gladwell, 2010) to Twitter and Facebook, it remains to be seen the value and influence of social media in politics.

Though there is still an emphasis on content (Lehrer, 2010) and authenticity (Godin, 2009), which continually prevents social media from being a nameless faceless content entity, it also true that we choose who pushes content to us. And if we choose content based on ideology, no other ideas are allowed to enter. I think this should be of concern for all political parties. At this point, I’m merely expressing an opinion. But, it will be interesting if I am able to work some of these ideas into future research.

Gladwell, M. (2010, October 4). Small change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted. The New Yorker .

Godin, S. (2009, April). Seth Godin on social networking. Retrieved March 2011, from YouTube:

Lehrer, J. (2010, May 4). New Media in Policy and Politics. Retrieved March 2011, from

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