ENG 572 Social Media

I’m taking ENG 572 Social Media this semester, and it’s been very eye-opening in terms of understanding the best ways to use to your advantage what is available to you. It’s great to look at your social media use for fun, but it’s also great to try and understand it from the perspective of a corporation.

For my personal social media use, I’ve decided to try and create a little social media web of my own. Throughout the class, we were asked our goals for social media use. We documented the goals on a school bulletin board, and it will close when the class is over. For that reason, I’m going to document my goals here so I can try to reach them.

For the record, I want to get these things done before school starts in the fall. Because we all know how crazy things get then.

Because there are not 26 hours in a day.

Complete look and feel
Add additional links and connections/twitter, etc
Find other academic blogs and communities in which to participate

Polish and expand
Invite contributors
Expand content

Expand community to follow more academic writers in my field
One tweet per day (for a couple of weeks, at least)

Social Networking:
Create separate business profile (or figure out how to separate folks into groups)
Complete filling out LinkedIn
Find pertinent groups on LinkedIn
Expand connections on LinkedIn to include classmates, colleagues, and former colleagues

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