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Step one–read some stuff

Here’s the first thing I do when I’m confused about something–I read more stuff. I know, I know, the first thing should be ask someone because that is the most logical. But, I like to figure stuff out on my … Continue reading

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Public policy+activity theory and orchard+vineyard

Today, I’m going to read this Canary, Heather(2010) ‘Constructing Policy Knowledge: Contradictions, Communication, and Knowledge Frames’, Communication Monographs, 77: 2, 181 — 206. On my way to see this Were going to the Montgomery County Farm Tour and Harvest Sale. … Continue reading

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Working out all the little details

Summary This is an article I read from which I’ll draw precedent for my thesis. It’s a brilliant dissection of a policy-making process. It also pokes at the Bush II administration in a subtle way, and I can really appreciate … Continue reading

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ENG 572 Social Media

I’m taking ENG 572 Social Media this semester, and it’s been very eye-opening in terms of understanding the best ways to use to your advantage what is available to you. It’s great to look at your social media use for … Continue reading

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The mysterious constant comparative method

I’m still struggling with the constant comparative method (CCM) of research (Glaser, 1965). The first problems I had with it are due to its subjective nature. Sometimes, it feels like I’m just assigning to the reading what I think it’s … Continue reading

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I’ll be with you shortly

Dear Book, I’m saving you as a reward for finishing the unpacking and completing my summer class. So, stop giving me the eye every time I walk past you. I’m trying to show some restraint. Just hang in there for … Continue reading

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My amorphous thesis

I have always suspected my thesis was amorphous. And now, I have proof. Actually, I don’t really think of it as amorphous. I mostly think of it as very very difficult to get my arms around. And hard to research. … Continue reading

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