Hello world!

The wordpress generated “Hello world!” post title does not seem entirely inappropriate, so I will go with that. Hello world.

This is not my first blogging experience, but, this blog has a different goal from my last, which was mostly a creative outlet for writing about life and place and whatnot. By contrast, I’m hoping to keep this blog focused on reading and analysis, which I do as a student. Right now, I will be reading and summarizing/analyzing writing that pertains to my school work, my thesis, my ideas about teaching, my work as a technical editor, and other themes closely related. I hope to write about things I read and invite commentary about them with the goal of informing my understanding of them.

I know it’s not original to keep a blog about what one reads from a scholarly perspective because I’ve stumbled upon blogs like that in my research. In fact, that might be one of the main things making my research and writing time so lengthy. I read a lot of blogs along the way. I do that because I’m nosey. My research might go something like this, I search for articles using the online MSU library search engine. I find some. I read them. They fit my research, and the topics are interesting. A lot of times, I feel like I’m on the edge of understanding what the writer is getting at, but I’m not quite there, so I need some examples (this is mostly true with articles focusing heavily on rhetoric). Or, the writer’s ideas or voice or something about them piques my interest. If all this happens, I’m off on a google search about the author. I usually find their university webpage, their curriculum vitae, and look! There’s a blog! Score. Then I read all their posts to find out more about them. What are their other ideas? Can I get any ideas from their ideas? Their writing might clear up some questions that I had or even make me think about things differently. And, if they are interested in other things and write about them, like medieval farm implements or YA novels or birdwatching, then I find them all the more interesting. I might even comment on something if I get really brave and don’t feel too stalkerish.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who does research this way, so I’d like to hear from you if you do (or don’t). I know some of my friends in this program do research in a similar way because they have sent me links in which they knew I would be interested–things they had stumbled upon in their research. It might be that I can do this type of research because I spend large blocks of time by myself because I work part-time from home. Or, maybe I do it this way because I lack of discipline and focus. I dunno. But I do know I’m not the only one.

So, I guess living and breathing online annotated bibliography is really what I’m going for here. Except that I am easily distracted, so I can’t promise to be 100% on-topic all of the time (squirrel!). But mostly, bibliography is what I’ll be doing

(with the occasional YA novel review…just kidding…there I go again).
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